Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Year, New State, New Things to do

I've recently moved from Texas to the Bay Area, and so far I like it.  I've gotten involved in some projects offline and online. The online project is to add more women to Wikipedia's Days of the Year.

Each of the days of the year have notable events listed: the rise and fall of nations, important births and deaths, that sort of thing.

This is the months template. Pretty cool, huh?
Jessamyn West had the idea that more women could be added to the days of the year.  It's a very simple edit to do, and it improves Wikipedia. I've volunteered as the project manager.  Here is the project proposal page.

The idea is that each month we'll analyze the days of the next month, and edit the present month.  We'll find notable women (they must already have a Wikipedia page) and note their births, deaths (if applicable) and major achievements. 

This blog post is part of getting the word out.  If you're interested, let me know in the comments, and we'll get started.