Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Doodle

Sorry about the off centered-ness, I did a poor job of scanning.

When looking at the directional questions, it's pretty easy to become overwhelmed.  Why on earth would you be answering something like "who are you" when all you're doing is asking for a simple change?

The answer in some cases is that you wouldn't and probably shouldn't.  The smaller the objective, the narrower the focus is going to be.  But there is this to consider:  you're not writing an autobiography, you're just setting down what you're bringing to the table.  This can help break the ice and let people get to know you.

If you're after something big that's going to change the way you do things, then it's pretty important that you answer all of the directional questions.  Having the answers at hand will remind you that you have an end in mind, who's on board, and what got you all started on this adventure in the first place.

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