Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There's bad news and then there's Bad News

Remember when I was wondering about how my doctor's office got their new patient system?  Well, I've been following my connections to find the decision point and haven't really gotten anywhere. It's a passive search, so this doesn't surprise me.

Neither, sadly, does this.  I mentioned I'd been following the Quora Healthcare IT questions. Well, here's a pretty depressing answer:

 Which healthcare software has the best user-experience?
None. Repeat: NONE.

There is not a single major healthcare software company that genuinely cares about its end user experience, despite the fact that poor implementations have, amongst other things, been associated with increased patient death. The particular publication I'm thinking of is actually more reminiscent of a frustrated rant than a calm scientific explication[1].

And more along that vein.  Maybe I'd better step it up.

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