Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WDOY: Quality, Quantity, and Making Small Changes for a Big Difference

One of the things you're asked to do when starting a new Wikipedia project is liaise with other projects that might have overlap with yours.  The DOY Project is currently discussing their standards for who should be included on a day's page.  There's no consensus as of yet, but a comment I found agreement with was that the WDOY project should not link stub articles.  From the Biography Project, a Stub:
Provides very little meaningful content; may be little more than a dictionary definition. Readers probably see insufficiently developed features of the topic and may not see how the features of the topic are significant.
More info here.

Every Wikipedia page has a talk page. Biography talk pages will show how the article is rated. For example, Linda Christian, the first Bond Girl, has a biography rating Start Class:
Provides some meaningful content, but most readers will need more.   
Providing references to reliable sources should come first; the article also needs substantial improvement in content and organisation[sic]. Also improve the grammar, spelling, writing style and improve the jargon use.
Now when I'm looking around random categories for women to include in the project, I check their talk pages for their quality rating.  If they've not yet been rated, I read their page more thoroughly and make my own decision as to whether to include them.

One of the project participants had a good tip for quality edits:  "Words like "reformer," "activist" aren't enough; added things like 'active in women's suffrage and Anti-Slavery movements.' If we want people to read about them, they need to know why."

If you'd like to join the project, head on over to the talk page and sign on!

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