Thursday, April 23, 2015


I've been navigating peoples' user pages and talk pages, having conversations about this and that. I was getting a little self conscious about the fact that my user pages were blank.  I'd seen a few user pages that were really cool, but I just didn't feel like I had enough interesting material to use a really huge template.

I started out by googling "simple wikipedia user templates". Note: if you do this, you get a bunch of links leading to Simple English Wikipedia, which is a damned useful site that I've used a LOT to explain things to my kids, but not helpful here.

Anyway, I ended up at the User Page Design Center, which is pretty cool and informative.  It can also throw you into a circle of indecision, say, if you want to display what language(s) you speak, your Wiki philosophy leanings, or just an easy way to link to your stuff.

In the end, I opted for putting up my college affiliation, the languages I'm versed in, and links to my talk page and Project Proposal page.  I placed all of this on my English Wikipedia User Page.

I tried copying it all to the MetaWiki user page, and found out that the templates are not universal.  So I just put a link to my main page.  That is what got copied to all the other Wiki sites, so that job was done.

This all sounds very simple, but you don't "simply do" anything on Wikipedia. Something looks interesting, you click or <CTRL>+click and you're off and running.  I got into WikiFauna, Grammar, and whatever this is.

If you'd like to join the project, head on over to the talk page and sign on!

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